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POSist was one of the basic technologies that we needed to grow. With POSist we were able to open multiple brands and kitchens in different countries. Integrations with various aggregators have been very smooth. POSist helps us in tracking the orders at different stages - from order acceptance and preparation to packaging, and delivery. The reporting dashboard gives a great view of the sales of each brand and kitchen for all regions. POSist team has also been very helpful and has actively responded to all our queries.

Shafia Kamran, Business Process Optimizer,


We searched for some time to get a POS provider that specializes in cloud kitchens and integrates seamlessly with key delivery platforms such as Uber Eats. POSist was the solution that we were seeking. Not only POSist has been designed to manage the complexities of a cloud kitchen, but they also have competitive pricing and the team is highly responsive. We would gladly recommend POSist.

Heini Booysen - Founder & CEO

Darth Kitchens

Manage The Operations Of Multiple Brands & Kitchens

Multi-source Ordering

  • Accept and manage orders from multiple food aggregators and Call Centers centrally in a single dashboard.
  • View the full menu display for each brand and kitchen for easy order acceptance.

Call Center Panel

  • Accept online and telephonic orders for different brands and route them to the kitchen nearest to the customer.
  • View order details such as preparation, packaging, and delivery status through live order tracking dashboard.

Multi-brand Online Ordering

  • Let your customers order from multiple brands in the same order.
  • Receive orders for different brands centrally into the POS from the Call Center.

Multi-brand Menu Integration

  • Edit and update the menu for each brand through an integrated Menu Management dashboard.
  • Choose the items to be displayed on online food aggregators based on item availability.

Brand-wise Inventory Management

  • Keep your food costs in check through comprehensive Recipe Management.
  • Keep track of the raw materials, finished and semi-finished items for each brand and kitchen.

Centralized Order Tracking

  • Track the entire process of order acceptance, food preparation, packaging, and delivery for each order.
  • Stay updated about the order status through real-time order tracking.

Order Preparation & Packaging Time Tracking

  • Track the order acceptance, food preparation, packaging, and delivery time through integrated Kitchen Display Systems and smart reports.
  • Improve your operations by identifying the gaps at each level of order preparation.

Sales Overview

  • View detailed reports for performance analysis of each brand and location.
  • Identify the best source of revenue by tracking kitchen-wise sales, the total number of orders, canceled orders, repeat customers for each brand.

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